Marketing Example

What a compelling offer with creative, but simple execution.  I’m taking notes #Marketing at it’s finest.


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— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) August 3, 2014

Editorial for Mohair South Africa

After several decades producing quality mohair products, Mohair South Africa underwent a series of brand improvements to give a more fashion forward appeal to the company. Part of Mohair South Africa’s renovation included changing the publics perceptions of mohair and to create meaningful collaborations with innovative designers.. They used the Design Indaba 2014 platform to form partnerships with innovative designers such as Laduma Ngxokolo and SilverSpoon. A recent lookbook featuring some of their looks was shot by photographer Amy Scheepers at the Karoo in South Africa.”

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"It’s not about being luck it’s about creating opportunities for yourself."  I freaking love this plan! I’m so onboard. Let the good times roll!

At times it can be scary to step out on faith and persue your dreams.  I find it helpful to listen to inspiration from others. It energizes me and keeps me encouraged.

President Obama’s speech about #Race and #TrayvonMartin

La Condesa Mexican restaurant. Austin, TX

La Condesa Mexican restaurant. Austin, TX